Bag brand, MELO was founded in New York in 1985 by Jim Melville Jim, the founder of the MELO, opened a small factory using only several sawing machines in the midtown of Manhattan when he was a graduate student at business School of New York University with the concept of "be both functional and aesthetically pleasing bag".
Since then, the business was grown steadily and he built his own factory with 10,000 square feet in Stuyvesant, Upstate New York.Its sewn products of this factory were appreciated for high quality and skill, and started to produce essential medical kits and specialized outfits for the United States Armed Forces.Meanwhile the American craftsmen still make handmade bags in their own factory sticking to made in the U.S.A. material.

"I strongly hope that those who have our MELO bag be proud of its bag just like we are" – Jim Melville